The Power of Human Connection: A Mother's Eyes

The Power of Human Connection: A Mother's Eyes

That Lyft driver who picked you up this morning has a certain energy to her.  She wears the grey hairs on her head with confidence, and by the look of her hands on the steering wheel, she enjoys a combination of sterling silver and turquoise.  You make a comment about her great taste in jewelry and in return she gracefully accepts the compliment with a humbled thank you.  She asks about your day and within minutes of conversation, she shares with you a personal story about her daughter. 


Photography by:  Nico Hend

Those Who Tell the Stories Rule the World

Like every other kid of my generation, I was obsessed with Eyewitness Books.

Aside from the "Dinosaur" edition, which was pretty much a rite of passage for boys in the 90's, I spent hours thumbing through images and stories of faraway cultures and ancient civilizations.

Growing up in a low-income, dominantly Vietnamese and Mexican enclave in Eastside San Jose, it was not only my way of "traveling," as I ever saw possible, it allowed me to see the world through the eyes of people I might never encounter.

PHOTO RECAP: A Night in Bold Fundraising Gala

The Green Room at the War Memorial, San Francisco


2017 was truly a landmark year.


On November 29th, 2017 we held our Fundraiser Gala celebrating one year in social justice storytelling.

 The proceeds of the event will position the nonprofit organization for growth in the upcoming year.  With great feedback from event attendees & donated organizations, Listen for a Change has elevated the expectations.

 We proudly recognize the hard work, dedication and diligence of all volunteers, donors and supporters of our cause.

Enjoy the candid photos from the night.