Thai Chu


Executive Director

I wake up every day pondering how behavioral research addresses social issues. How can we create socially-conscious leadership and bridge divided communities? Through my years working with at-risk kids in the Bay Area, I heard daily stories that revealed the heart behind smiles, the burden behind hard work, the trauma behind negligence. These stories were not unlike my own. The ones I never told anyone. This is why I created Listen for a Change: so that others have the support to face and the courage to tell their stories. But more importantly, so that we all have a space to listen.

I believe in the power of clear, honest, and open-minded communication--the kind that breaks down barriers and moves faraway mountains closer together. My journey with Listen for a Change began when I shared a life-defining story on its stage, and in opening my heart, I've found countless connections and seen the profound and immeasurable ripples that stories have in the world. Every day, I strive to create barrier-breaking, connection-building, mountain-moving work with this organization. I know it works. I have been the recipient of its magic.

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Molly Maxwell

Board of Directors

Story Coach

Headshot - Jimmy Simpson.jpg

Jimmy Simpson Jr.

Board of Directors

Story Coach

San Francisco Story Hour Emcee

I believe that every single person has an important and powerful story to tell. Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of traveling the country to tell stories and to coach others in their storytelling. I have always known of the power of stories, but I had never seen it so clear until I attended my first Listen for a Change event. I was forever...wait for it...changed, and I knew that this was a movement that I needed to be a part of. 

I am a lover of storytelling in all forms: writing, film, theatre... Listen for a Change, however, added a new love of storytelling that pushed me beyond characters, cinematic views, and dialogue. It just requires me and my truth. I am a Bay Area Native with roots in Pittsburg and a heartbeat in Oakland. I use writing and education to fight for social justice, so it would only makes sense that I am a part of this organization that uses storytelling as a form to ignite change.

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Ayasha Tripp

Board of Directors

Story Coach

Oakland Story Hour Emcee

Kapri joined our Board of Directors in 2018.

Sabrina joined our Board of Directors in 2019.


Jy-Jimmie Gabiola

Digital Marketing Intern

Being part of Listen for a Change has shifted my life. It's a magical experience to come together as a community and listen to each other share personal stories of struggle and triumph. Our live events allow me to pause, see life from another perspective, and be reminded that we aren't in this alone.  I use marketing and content creation to translate the magic found at our events and express that into the digital space. Regardless of who you are or where you live, we can all be impacted by the stories we share.

One day back in 2016, I was scrolling though Facebook and saw an event that read "Listen for A Change: Immigration, Black Lives Matter, Transgender Rights." I was inspired by an event that encompassed such important and controversial topics in one setting, and I knew I had be a part of it. I've grown with this amazing community that I continue to learn from, and I continue to promote the power of storytelling with everyone in my personal life.


Meghan Kamat

Sales and Purchasing

Events Team

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Marielle Narcisa

Development Consultant

Events Team

Throughout my childhood, stories took many forms: reading The Baby-Sitters Club with my mom in our living room or listening to my dad and titos animate stories loudly in Tagalog. I always felt connected as a storyteller and a listener. As an adult, I lead with this feeling in my professional life, engaging volunteers with mission-driven work in Chicago, NY, and now SF. Returning back to my roots and reconnecting with this community has been the most fulfilling part of being on the Listen for a Change team.