Our top priority is to create a safe, judgment-free space for vulnerable storytelling. Your security and privacy is our top concern, and we will NEVER publish any information without your consent.

If you would like more examples of how this information is used, please see www.listenchange.org, www.facebook.com/listenchange, and www.instagram.com/listenforachangestories.

Here's what you can expect:

  • You are invited to share a 10-15 minute story to an audience of 50-100 people at a casual cocktail hour. We set the stage for judgment-free listening.

  • Throughout the evening, we will be raising awareness for a nonprofit of your choice. We will gift $50 in your name to your nonprofit within a month of the story hour.

  • Storytellers will be honored with 2 free tickets and a table dedicated to their story at A Night in Bold, our end-of-year gala in San Francisco. You will be recognized on stage with your story and your nonprofit. Please save the date now.

  • We pair you with a story coach to develop and present your story in its most compelling and powerful form. Our story coaches will never urge you to manipulate or fabricate your story. Our goal is to support you in feeling comfortable sharing your story in a way that touches your audience.

  • Stories will be recorded and may be produced into a video or podcast with your consent.

  • A written form of your story may be featured on our blog.


Below you'll find a timeline leading up to the event. Don't worry, your story coach will remind you of each action or deadline as it approaches, but it's helpful to review now so you know what's coming.


  1. Complete the onboarding form.

  2. Respond to email from story coach to set-up 1-hour introductory meeting.

  3. Start drafting your story to share with your story coach during your initial meeting.

  4. Watch this sample story:

2 weeks before event:

  1. Complete a 1-hour initial meeting with your story coach either in-person (preferable) or over the phone. Start working on a written draft and schedule a follow-up meeting.

  2. Share the event with your friends, family and colleagues. All attendees must register for a free ticket on Eventbrite.

  3. Approve tagged posts on social media (if applicable).

  4. Reach out to your nonprofit (if connected) to invite them to the event.

Day of event:

  1. Arrive no later than 6:30pm. Out of respect for all storytellers, plan to stay until end of event at 9:00pm.

  2. Take in the evening. This is your event in celebration of your experience, and you are connecting and healing with everyone in the room.




Our mission is to open up people's hearts and minds through storytelling on a singular emotional experience on injustice. To this end, we will assign you a story coach to support you in meeting the following guidelines:



This is that one story of your life, not your whole life story. Tell a 10-15 minute true, personal account that follows a story arc with a build-up, climax, and resolution. Your story should feature one climatic experience with a dominant theme. Keep it simple and focused. This shouldn't be a lengthy autobiography or a lecture.


People are more open to human experiences that don't trigger political affiliation or reference complex data. Of course, stories may need to acknowledge injustices, but let the raw emotions and narrative of your story carry the message. Avoid policy talk, explicit politics, academic speak, and generalizing to how others should feel or act. The goal is to make it relatable with universal emotions.


This is neither improv nor spoken word. Think of it as a well-crafted story you disclose over a campfire to a group of close friends. You'll work with your story coach to outline and write your story, but you won't be reading or reciting in a scripted manner (notes are okay). Remember, no one knows your story but you, and no one is there to judge what you have to say. Allow yourself to be a little spontaneous and react with the audience. It'll take some nerves off.