Listen for a Change offers storytelling training for companies and professionals looking to improve pitches, presentations, internal and external communication, and marketing initiatives across all departments. We've developed curricula that harnesses equitable and restorative justice practices to reshape team culture and foster diversity and inclusion for all employees.

Join the growing list of companies, such as Google, Nike, and Gap, who have harnessed the power of Listen for a Change's corporate training program.


More important than the story itself is the storyteller.

Stories have been around for millennia and their influence has not waned. Today, organizations are rekindling this practice to provide immersive and engaging learning experiences and build team culture.

Without learning objectives, storytelling is merely narration.

Training programs offered by Listen for a Change range from a one-hour talk to a three-hour class to a two-day workshop. Programs are customized to the particular company’s needs and objectives. Classes and workshops include an introduction to the principles of storytelling as tailored to the present-day business challenges, as well as interactive exercises.



Our workshops are customized to your company's mission.

  • New hire training (introducing new employees to the company’s history, goals and visions)
  • Product training (the story behind the creation of a certain product and its uses, including testimonials)
  • Application training (the steps involved to move from point A to point B)
  • Soft skills training (e.g., the consequences of poor time management and how to rectify it)



  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Half-day
  • 1 story coach : 10 individuals

Cost: $3000


  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Full-day
  • 1 story coach : 10 individuals

Cost: $5000


  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • 2 hours
  • 1 story coach : 1 individual

Cost: $10000

Also talk to us about us producing a live storytelling show by our social justice storytellers – or by your staff – for your next corporate party or event.

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