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Our top priority is to create a safe, judgment-free space for vulnerable storytelling. Here's what you can expect:

  • You will be invited to share a 10-minute story to an audience of ~100 people at a casual cocktail hour.

  • Throughout the evening, we raise money to donate to a nonprofit of your choice.

  • Storytellers are invited to attend our end-of-year gala celebrating their story in San Francisco.

  • We pair you with a story coach to develop and present your story in its most compelling and powerful form.

  • Stories are recorded for video and podcast distribution (see example).

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Storytelling Tips and Guidelines


This is that one story of your life, not your whole life story. Tell a 10-minute true, personal account that follows a story arc with an build-up, climax, and resolution. Your story should feature one climatic experience with a dominant theme. Keep it simple and focused. This shouldn't be a lengthy autobiography or a lecture.


People are more open to human experiences that don't trigger political affiliation or reference complex data. Of course, stories may need to acknowledge injustices, but let the raw emotions and narrative of your story carry the message. Avoid policy talk, explicit politics, academic speak, and generalizing to how others should feel or act. The goal is to make it relatable.


This is neither improv nor spoken word. Think of it as a well-crafted story you disclose over a campfire to a group of close friends. You'll work with your story coach to outline and write your story, but you won't be reading or reciting in a scripted manner. Remember, no one knows your story but you, and no one is there to judge what you have to say. Allow yourself to be a little spontaneous and react with the audience. It'll take some nerves off.